22/06/2018: Added: Poster Pieter De Kesel Poster ECCMID 2018

15/03/2018: Kick-Off symposium of the BILULU consensus project on Prosthetic Joint infections. Invited speaker: dr. Andrej Trampuz (Charité, Berlin)

21/02/2018: Update BILULU activities: paper on urine consensus added

10/12/2017: Added: Stool consensus document (V1), open for comments

10/12/2017: BILULU welcomes 2 new members, Peggy Bruynseels, MD and Bruno Van Herendael, MD

3/11/2017: Added: Presentations Symposium 2017 “Stool & the gang (van zaken)”

25/8/2017: Invitation and final program of the BILULU symposium “Stool & the gang (van zaken)”

28/4/2017: Update on BILULU scientific publucations (“Activities” => “Science”)

28/4/2017: first announcement of the BILULU symposium on their stool consensus procedure, October 19th 2017, Brussels

7/3/2017: BILULU presents its Urine Consensus Document on a BioWorkshop (Biomérieux)