The word BILULU comes from the African Swahili language and means itchy bug.

Founded almost 20 years ago, BILULU has evolved and expanded from five to seven and finally to nine microbiologists. We value collaboration highly, and this shows in a number of our initiatives. Molecular biologists and head lab technicians, for instance, meet on a regular basis, so knowledge is shared at all levels of our laboratories. We also try to enthuse our assistant clinical biologists and convince them of the importance of knowledge sharing.

This became clear once more in 2015, when we carried out a cultural value assessment of BILULU. Along with the priceless value of our knowledge network, we found out that producing and implementing consensus procedures should be the core business of our organization. This in turn led to the finalization of our urine consensus procedure, the stool and PJI consensus.

The COVID pandemic has claimed us in full for almost 3 years, but we are back in business and ready to take on new projects and adventures.

As you can see, the tickling goes on…

Deborah Steensels
BILULU President